FAQ | Is the Cisco CAT 3650 v03.07.02E supported for Q-SYS?

Discover if the Cisco CAT 3650 v03.07.02E is compatible with Q-SYS, and learn how to best utilize it with the system.

Updated at June 8th, 2023

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Yes, Cisco will include the latency enhancements needed for Q-SYS with newer versions of IOS for CAT3650 and CAT3850. The minimum recommended versions:

  • CAT3650 IOS: cat3k_caa-universalk9.16.03.02.SPA.bin
  • CAT 3850 IOS: cat3k_caa-universalk9ldpe.SPA.03.06.06.E.152-2.E6.bin


For more information, please see the Cisco PowerPoint.